The Inbreeding of Mammals
One example of * inbreeding is what they do to cats, dogs or humans to make them pure breed. They breed them with close family members to make a pure breed. These cats, dogs or humans are good because they're carrying on the pure blood, but bad because they can suffer from a variety of diseases including mental retardation and physical mutations.

Lately it has been the Cheetah because of little amount of them in the world due to poachers. These cheetahs have been inbreeding through a related king cheetah or alpha male. He might mate with his sisters then his daughters then his grandchildren if he is alive by then. Some cheetahs are mentally defected because of this.

Humans do it as a way to stay rich. They marry close family to keep the family wealth. Or they do it to reserve something for their family. Most people see this wrong because of what problems the children will have when they are born. If the parents were carrying a disease and had a child then the child mated with its sister/brother, then the grandchild would most definitely have that disease.


*Inbreeding- When family members mate together


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